the scenario

After an apparently indiscriminate virus wiped out half the human race two decades ago, the island of Great Britain rapidly reverted to the Middle Ages under a ruthless and brutal Theocracy headed by Jasper Camron, the Sinless One. Technology was denied to all but the favoured few, and the dwindling population was repeatedly told that they were the last humans left on earth.

Paul Vian, an Aspie martial artist, had earned a place in the Seraphim, the Sinless One’s ceremonial bodyguard. Sheltered and privileged, the Seraphim had more freedom and privacy than any other section of society, including the bishops. But having watched atrocities unfold before his eyes for twenty years, Vian finally seizes the opportunity to avert yet another tragedy – the murder of a bishop’s daughter whom he’s never seen before but has something about her…

But she only has eyes for his best friend, who is everything Vian is not: handsome, sexy and easy with people.

Vian gave up hope of love long ago. He is autistic, high-functioning but no less unhappy for that. He depends on words and logic, and is desperate to understand what everyone else seems to think is obvious, but all his efforts to get a foothold on reality have led to dismal failure. He’s afraid that, deep down, his disability is spiritual, and that he hardly counts as a real human being.

A new leader has emerged, and she has chosen Vian as her deputy. He is now faced with the challenge of helping to rebuild the country from scratch. The country is twenty years behind the rest of the world, and Vian has a lot of thinking to do.

And so the adventure begins. And there’s a lot more at stake than Vian’s own redemption…