Month: March 2014

Coals of Fire now available

I’ve finished the second book, Coals of Fire, first pass anyway, and it’s now available on request. I’m afraid that means you’ll have to ask me for the link. You can reply to this post or email me on

hermione(at)  [Change the (at) to @]

Vian and Madelin have moved to Somerset and are trying to settle in. Meanwhile the country is getting back on its feet again, as the new government brings it back from the Middle Ages.

But things don’t run that smoothly in the village, and Vian soon finds himself seriously out of his depth. He has to discover who his friends are, and quickly. He is still famous, and in danger of putting everything he’s achieved, as well as his own life, in jeopardy. And he has to learn about forgiveness.

As usual, I would be very glad of some feedback. If you have difficulty downloading the file, please let me know and I’ll try to fix it for you.